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  • Easy to Use
  • Extended Teller Hours
  • 24 Hour ATM

WSB Xpress is an ATM and an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM). You can use it as a regular ATM with your debit card or you can connect to a teller.

What can you do with a WSB Xpress Teller?

Make Deposits

Deposit checks or cash, including deposits with cash back. Receive images with receipts.

Transfer Fund

Transfer money between your West Suburban Bank accounts.

Make Payments

Make West Suburban Bank loan, Visa and Safe Deposit Box payments.

Get or Deposit Cash

Put money in or take money out. The ITM dispenses coins and currency in $1, $5, $20 and $50 denominations.

Where are the Tellers?

The WSB Xpress tellers are local WSB employees stationed at one of our ITM call centers within some of our local branches.

It’s easy to connect with a teller!

Simply drive up

Touch the screen

Say hello to your local, live teller

And start banking

WSB Xpress Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is WSB Xpress?
  • WSB Xpress is an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) that looks like an ATM; the difference is you can conduct banking transactions that you would normally conduct with a drive up teller. Using video cameras, your image is transmitted to the WSB Xpress Teller located at our WSB Xpress Center. Cameras at our WSB Xpress Center transmit the Personal Teller's image back to you.
  • How is WSB Xpress different from an ATM?
  • WSB Xpress allows for virtual interaction with a live person, not a machine. The teller can guide you through every step of the transaction and answer any questions you may have about your accounts.
  • Can I use the WSB Xpress machine as an ATM?
  • Yes, if you do not need to speak to a teller and wish to use the machine as an ATM, simply insert your Debit card in the card slot and use the machine as any typical ATM. You can withdraw cash, transfer funds and even make check/cash deposits without having to use a deposit slip or envelope.
  • What can I do with WSB Xpress?
  • Using WSB Xpress, you can conduct just about every transaction you can do with a drive up teller. You can make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, cash checks, make loan payments and more. Our WSB Xpress machines can even dispense change.
  • Is there a fee to use WSB Xpress?
  • No, using WSB Xpress is the same as going to the teller window inside the branch office. There are no additional fees.
  • Is my conversation with a WSB Xpress Teller private?
  • At the drive-up lane, you and the WSB Xpress Teller can see and hear each other using a video camera with a built-in speaker. Your conversation is just as private as if you were talking to a teller through a speaker at our traditional drive-ups.
  • Are the WSB Xpress Tellers West Suburban Bank employees?
  • Yes. All WSB Xpress Tellers are West Suburban Bank employees, working in our local WSB Xpress Center.
  • Is there a delay when I use WSB Xpress?
  • No, your account will be updated right away just as if it would inside the branch office or with a traditional drive up teller. If you're unsure about the availability of your money, just ask your WSB Xpress Teller during the transaction.
  • What happens when I cash a check or make a deposit with the WSB Xpress machine?
  • Depositing cash or cashing a check using WSB Xpress is as easy as doing it with a teller inside our branch office. There are no envelopes or deposit slips needed, you insert the check(s) or cash directly into the deposit slot. For cash, the machine reads and counts each bill and displays the deposit amount on the screen for verification.

    When depositing or cashing a check(s), an image of your check(s) will appear on the screen. You tell the WSB Xpress Teller what you'd like to do next....deposit, receive cash back, etc. Everything is displayed on the screen to ensure accuracy. At the end of your transaction, a reduced image(s) of your check(s) is printed on your receipt for proof of the amount deposited.

    Please DO NOT use any staples, paperclips or rubber bands with your deposit. These items will cause the WSB Xpress machine to jam.

  • Are there any limitations to WSB Xpress?
  • Yes, because the machine is reading your currency, WSB Xpress will reject cash or checks that are wrinkled, torn, or creased. The machine may also reject old money that does not have the current security features. Your deposits are limited to 40 items. For deposits over 40 items, please use a Teller inside the branch.
  • Why is West Suburban Bank using WSB Xpress machines?
  • For decades West Suburban Bank has been putting technology to work to create a better banking experience for you. Expanding our service by adding WSB Xpress provides you with greater convenience, just as when we introduced Telebank 24, Online Banking and Mobile Banking.
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